Latest News: apZme announces the strategic acquisition of Sleep Impressions, transforming dental sleep medicine billing and patient care.

Have the Sleep Apnea Blues?

APZME dentists specialize in oral appliance therapy as a non-surgical alternative to CPAP to improve your sleep, overall health, and quality of life.


APZME has a growing network of expert dental sleep medicine providers nationwide

APZME For Providers

APZME is a first-of-it’s-kind sleep management organization designed to take our member practices to new heights and achieve the sleep medicine goals of our practitioners

With years of experience and the best team in dental sleep medicine behind you APZME helps ensure life-changing results for your patients and your practice!

We can help you with any stage of your dental sleep medicine practice.



New to DSM?  We’ve been there and done that. APZME’s practice growth model will accelerate your clinical and financial success in sleep.


Ready to take your sleep practice from a hobby to a business? We’ve got your back! APZME DSM experts and mentor clinicians will help you get there!


Exiting from a unique sub-speciality like DSM is not easy, APZME will help ensure the continue success of your practice and maximum value for you!

I think this sleep apnea mouthpiece probably saved my life and I know it saved my marriage!  My snoring is gone and I feel like a new man.  Thank You!

I was having over 20 suffocating episodes per hour before treatment and now I’m at 1.6. I have energy again to play with my kids and get through the day without feeling exhausted.

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